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Nathan Fellhauer is an artist and writer living in San Diego, California. While decorating golf balls for a company miniature golf competition, and most likely feeling a little light-headed from Sharpie fumes and sleep deprivation, Nathan came up with the concept of CircleToons--silly caricatures of your favorite characters. His work has been featured at Comic-Con; San Diego's La Bodega Gallery; Gallery 360 in Little Rock, Arkansas; the San Diego County Fair; and various independent RPG books and zines. Nathan also plays in the Coastal Communities Concert Band and designs their CD covers.

Nathan Fellhauer

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Nathan earned a Bachelor's degree in Biology from San Diego State University and worked as both a pharmaceutical chemist and sole IT guru at a leading San Diego Contract Research Organization. In 2012, he set out on his own to work from home and be a stay-at-home dad.


A jack-of-all-trades, Nathan is also a professional bass trombone player.


Nathan is married and has three (awesome) children.

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